The platform notifications saves all changes occurred in the SIM Cards, such as rate plan, device or status changed as well as other changes.


Each notification as the following structure:

  • Type - notification type (e.g. SIM Card Update)
  • Source Type - source type (e.g. ICCID)
  • Source - the source value (e.g. 8944503530143984580)
  • Date - date then the notification was created Value - store additional information of the notification, for example the new rate plan that - will be associated
  • Description - notification sub type (e.g. data service)
  • State - new state if applicable (e.g. blocked)


To view the notification list, click on the Notification section in the left menu, a similar table as the figure bellow will appear.

notifications_list4 Device list view.

To export the information you can click “Export” and choose the method to export the information, see Notifications Export for more information.