Getting Started

Sign in for the first time

  1. Create your Truphone Account at by supplying your name, email and chosen password.

  1. Select your type of account

  1. Verify your account by entering the activation code sent to your chosen email account. Verification email will look like this…

  • Enter the code:

Your account is now created.

Activating SIMs

  1. Once logged into your account, you can activate SIM’s by:
  • clicking the Activated SIM’s button right after completing registration,

  • clicking the Activate SIMs button on IoT Portal Dashboard,

  1. To activate one (or a small number) of SIM’s, you simply need to enter in the ICCID and PUK code on each SIM card (PUK is not required for MFF2 SIM’s ).

  • You can enter as many SIM’s as you like.

  • To bulk-activate your SIMs you can use the the activation code (provided by Truphone)

  • and select the SIM's you want to activate

Once you have selected the SIMs to be activated, to proceed, select continue to select the plans. (available plans for your SIMs may be different from those in the below image)

To complete purchase, payment details and billing address must be provided for KYC purposes. You will not be charged for free plans. Complete your details and continue.

Review the order details and select activate plan(s). This will activate the chosen plan on your selected SIMs. After 30 seconds, SIM’s will be activated on the Truphone network and ready for use.

A receipt will be sent to the customer.

Select Manage SIM’s to see your SIM’s on your account.