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The platform API is for external systems to integrate with the platform to automate operations that would otherwise be performed manually (e.g., active SIM or change rate plan). This is a REST-based API that supports the following non-functional requirements.

  • Versioned
  • Granular Permissions
  • Token Based Authentication
  • Filtering, Ordering and Pagination
  • Atomicity and Idempotency

All requests are throttled to prevent malfunction of the API to users. The API has currently the following throttling rules for requests:

100 requests/dayFrom the same IP address for unauthenticated requests
300 requests/minuteFrom the same user for authenticated requests

The API also supports Webhooks (or Push APIs) are intended to inform your servers when an event of your interest happens. Our servers will send out HTTP requests to an URL or your choice with a content that describes the event. Your system should parse and handle the event. Webhooks can be configured for specific rules (e.g., event and usage). The following operations are in the scope of the API:
  • Account Management
  • Billing
  • SIM usage and lifecycle management
  • Attributes and Tags
  • Sending SMS
  • Rules
  • Reports
  • Notifications
  • Diagnostics
  • Audit Trail

API documentation is available here:!/api